Renting a Boyfriend to Go Shopping

If you want advice for your purchases, an arm to carry packages or simply to do a little selfie during your shopping, the thing is now possible provided you pay the sum of 1 yuan (about 13 cents of euros) for every half hour spent with the pseudo-boyfriend.

However, physical contact is prohibited according to the conditions of use of the service recently set up.

In China being single is BAD

If you live in the most populous country in the world and you are a single woman between the ages of 25 and 35, you will be considered a loser; a left behind. This shows to what extent social consideration for marriage is still preponderant in the Middle Kingdom.

However, the Western imprint of economic success guides young Chinese women to put professional success first. They have little or no time to improve their emotional situation. Between studies, career plans, there’s not much room left for a boyfriend.

A service with a bright future

Faced with this, if we have already heard the story of false boyfriends that Chinese women take with them for family reunions and festive periods spent with parents and grandparents, we did not have to look far to find the idea of offering the services of an accompanist to do his shopping.

We can say that the law of supply and demand is well applied, everything can effectively be sold. The only hitch is that the story will stop as for that of Cinderella at the twelve strokes of midnight, once the doors of the store crossed.

This is no reason to discourage the young Chinese women, once the curtain has fallen, they return to their professional aspirations.

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